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  2. MacBook Pro Core i5 3.1GHz 13 8GB 512GB SSD Silver Touch Mid 2017

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  • By all means new, exact same condition as if it were just purchased from the store
  • Never opened
  • Never used
  • Still in factory original packaging sealed/untouched
  • Your device has never been used or looks like a new device.
  • Absolutely no scratches, flaws, dents, nicks, or scuffs.
  • Perfect functional condition. Absolutely NO hardware issues.
  • Looks like it just came out of the box.
  • Your device has signs of everyday use on its keyboard, trackpad and so on, but it is 100% functional.
  • Perfect functional condition. Absolutely NO hardware issues.
  • May have light scratches.
  • May have almost invisible dents, scratches and/or scuffs on the display surface, which can't affect viewing.
  • Display has no cracks.
  • Display may have white yellow blemishes.
  • Perfect functional condition. Absolutely NO hardware issues.
  • Has some moderate physical defects.
  • May have scratches, scuffs and/or dents.
  • May have moderate wear on the trackpad and/or keyboard.
  • May have as well minor display issues (screen burn or a few dead pixels).
  • Your Device does not power on.
  • Has severe physical damage.
  • May have a cracked display.
  • The laptop has functional defects (i.e., its ports are non-functional, the keyboard is defective, the system fan does not function and so on).
  • All original hardware components are present.
  • No unauthorized repair attempts have been made (Apple's repair is considered authorized).
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At Bobrez, we want to make it as simple and quick as possible to sell your Mac product. Using our online quote tool you’ll receive an instant cash quote based on the condition of your MacBook, iMac, iPhone etc. Our offers include a free UK courier collection and complete data wiping.