The Benefits Of Part Exchange

There’s a common misconception that electronic devices are more or less worthless unless brand new. This is, unfortunately, an attitude which is fueled by low purchase prices for second hand goods on auction sites such as eBay and, unfair and dishonest buy back schemes from retailers. On the contrary, used devices - even those which are not in perfect working order - can still have value when sold or traded as part exchange.

Changing times

It’s widely said that, these days, we’ve become a ‘throwaway society’ and, to some extent, this is very much the case - most of us will tend to buy new clothing and household goods rather than mending the ones we’ve got (in 2018, the darning of socks seems to have well and truly become a lost art!). When it comes to electronics, however, you may be surprised by the value of the old phones and devices currently gathering dust in your cupboards along with those expired coupons and mismatched buttons. Quite often, these unwanted devices can be sold on at a fair price through sites such as Bobrez who will collect your old device and exchange it for cash Often, devices become unwanted due to the owner simply wishing to get their hands on a new or updated version, in which case, part exchange is the perfect option.

Powering up your part exchange

Most people associate the term ‘part exchange’ with the motor trade but, it also has very real benefits for the electronics industry. Although you may be the kind of person who absolutely has to have the latest devices, there are those out there who are more than happy with last year’s model - or even the year before’s! This is where part exchange comes in! In a few simple steps, you can offload your unwanted device and receive cash toward a shiny new one.

Appreciation not depreciation

We all know that, like cars, electronics lose value over time. With some electronic devices, the depreciation curve is fast and steep which means that it’s best to trade up regularly in order to avoid losing money on your purchases. Part exchange can help with this by offsetting the cost of a new device with the cashback from your old one.

Preloved for profit

At Bobrez, not only can we give you cash for your old device but, we can also save you money on your new one. When part exchanging with us, many of our customers enjoy discounts of up to 15% on their new devices, making that new phone or tablet much more affordable.

Offering great value - to a fault

When you’re using your laptop or tablet day in, day out, you can expect it to start to show a little wear and tear but, don’t worry, it still has value. At Bobrez, we understand that your device works as hard as you do and, we can forgive the odd scratch - in fact, we can even accept devices that are no longer working. Our techy experts are a whizz at fixing preloved devices which have developed the odd glitch or fault so we’re happy to take these off your hands.

As the world of tech gains more and more speed, we can expect to be changing up our devices with much greater regularity than ever before. At Bobrez, we help to make the process quick and simple whilst saving you money. Part exchanging your device is easy with our three step online process. Check it out today HERE and see just how affordable that new device is with our part exchange service.

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The Benefits Of Part Exchange

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