Technically speaking - it’s time to say goodbye to your devices

We all know what it’s like to find a device, whether it’s a laptop or a phone, which ticks all the boxes and is suited to your every need. On finding a much-loved device, it’s tempting to keep hold of it forever, however, according to the experts, this is not a savvy system.

You’ve come a long way baby

When it comes to our devices, technology moves fast and, it doesn’t take long for the latest thing to become last week’s news. In the past, a machine or appliance which was built to last years, if not a lifetime, was very much desired however, in our fast paced world, new gets old incredibly quickly. When the first laptop was introduced in 1981, it was considered the ultimate in high tech - with a price tag to match. The Osborne 1 with it’s tiny screen, retailed for a cool $1,795.00. Fast forward just a couple of decades and most households contain at least one laptop, usually more, with a considerably more affordable price.

Although it may be the price that has made the laptop a throwaway item, there are also other factors to consider. Experts say that you should keep hold of a laptop (however much you love it) no longer than three or four years, depending on how rigorously it is used. However expertly build, a laptop is comprised of a number of internal parts which gently deteriorate with each use meaning that efficiency depreciates imperceptibly over time.

In addition, the fast pace of software development means that it doesn’t take long for your laptop to be so old that it won’t accept updates and new software as it struggles to keep up with new programs.

When is it time to say goodbye?

There are a few signs (other than the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death) that tell you it may be time to upgrade your laptop:

Although the cost of a new laptop is often considered an unwelcome dent in our budgets, having a newer and more efficient machine cuts down on frustration and wasted time.

The good news is that with Bobrez, you can get a few quid back for your laptop (even if it’s not in full working order) or even part exchange it for a shiny new one, meaning you’re not entirely out of pocket. This also means that your old laptop won’t be consigned to a drawer or the back of a cupboard like some kind of archaeological artefact to be found in years to come!

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Technically speaking - it’s time to say goodbye to your devices

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