Don’t Be Left To Your Own Devices - Cashing In The Clutter

A 2018 survey has shown that the average UK home contains unused technical devices worth around £1,414.00. That’s £37 billion worth of phones, tablets and laptops gathering dust in cupboards and drawers throughout Great Britain.

For what it’s worth

Just like cars, electronic devices lose value quickly as they are replaced by updated versions and new technology. Statistics show that, alarmingly, depreciation in electronics occurs at a rate of between 30% and 70% per year - a startling figure considering the the retail price of some of these items. This is, of course, because manufacturers are producing new items at a breakneck speed - and insisting that this new tablet or phone is the one that you need. Consumers can reduce the impact of this by shopping around for the best deals for their tech and by looking after it carefully but, ultimately, there’s really no stemming the tide of depreciation in any real way.

So, what can you do?

The only real option for redundant tech is to sell it on in order to try to recoup some of your financial outlay in order to buy something new. There are, currently, a few ways to do this, although most are somewhat unsatisfactory.


A lot of established electronics merchants offer customers a buyback service whereby, when the customer is ready to upgrade, the company will purchase the original device back from them. Unfortunately, most of these schemes are a losing game for the consumer - most merchants offer a maximum of 50% of the original price if cashed in within six months of purchase and, many offer much lower than this. In addition, the consumer will be required to pay a fee to take part in the scheme. Retailers also employ a number of sneaky tricks such as loopholes in the clauses regarding the condition of the item and, by offering only store credit rather than cash.

Going, going….gone

Many people turn to online auctions such as eBay when trying to offload their tech. As these sites are often populated by highly experienced shoppers out for a bargain, most sellers find that they end up receiving just a fraction of what their device is worth - plus they have the extra hassle of arranging shipment and dealing with dishonest customers.

A new way - a better way

Bobrez is a smarter way for customers to sell, exchange or upgrade their tech devices. Unlike generic selling sites, we understand tech - and it’s worth, which is why we believe in offering a fair price for devices which still have value. We buy a wide range of electronics including Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone or iPad, and at the best possible price. Our simple, three step process even includes free collection of the device from the customer’s home or workplace for added convenience.

How does it work?

Simply visit our website and find your device on the dropdown menu (if your device isn’t showing, give us a call as we’re constantly updating the system). Submit your application and we’ll send you a quote for your device. Once your quote has been accepted, we’ll collect the device and bring it to our lab where it will be tested and, all existing data removed. Once the device has passed our tests, funds will be in your bank account or Paypal within 24 hours.

Fair’s fair

At Bobrez, we’ll always give you a fair price for your device based on age and condition. What’s more, our guarantee is that, what we quote, we pay - which means that, if your quote is revised in any way, you get to keep your device and the price; no strings attached.

Ready to sell us your device? Visit our website today for a quote.

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Don’t Be Left To Your Own Devices - Cashing In The Clutter

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