Clear Out The Clutter And Collect Cash

How much are your drawers worth?

We’re not referring to your smalls but the drawers of your cabinets and desks at home and in the office.

Whether it’s your Granny’s antique armoire or your sleek desk in the office, there’s something about a drawer which invites us to fill it……..with as much rubbish as possible. A quick look inside your desk drawer will probably reveal receipts, empty toiletry bottles, broken stationery items and defunct phones and other electronics - as well as the omnipresent tin of tuna. Without going all feng shui on you, an untidy desk really does lead to an untidy mind as you waste time trying to find what you need amongst all the debris. Popular employment forum, Recruitment Avenue, says that there are just five items that should be kept in your office drawers other than the essentials needed to do your job:

●    Deodorant or body spray - Your colleagues will thank you, particularly on warm days. You may want to add breath mints or spray to this section for those all important meetings!

●    Spare stationery supplies - It’s always useful to keep spare staples and pens to hand to save trips to the stationery cupboard

●    Snacks - Because that mid-morning slump is a ‘thing’

●    Phone charger - To save on those round robin emails asking if anybody has one that you can borrow

●    A book / magazine - For when you want a little ‘me time’ during your lunch break

You’ll notice that this list does not include: dead cell phones, broken Kindles or pizza vouchers which are six months out of date.

Make do and mend

Every day, many of us are hoarding electronic equipment which could be reused, recycled or, even exchanged for cash. A lot of people assume that, for example, if a cell phone isn’t working 100% effectively then it’s basically useless - which is far from the case. Although you’ve upgraded and the phone is no longer of use to you, it may well be just the thing for somebody else. Instead of letting your old equipment gather dust in a desk drawer, you might want to think about donating it to a charitable organisation such as Oxfam or Recycle Now who will be happy to take them off your hands and put them to good use. Not only will this help clear the clutter from your drawers but, it’ll also give you the warm fuzzy feeling of having helped somebody else.

If you’d prefer to get a little something back for your old equipment, you do have a number of options. You won’t generally receive anything near what you paid but you’ll certainly get a bit of cash back or a deal on a new piece of kit.

You’re probably aware that some major tech retailers offer part exchange on used equipment and, that you can also sell on this tech on sites such as eBay. Although these methods may earn you a little cash, in general, you’ll receive a fraction of its value. 

This is where we come in……..

At Bobrez, we understand that your old equipment still has worth - even if it’s scratched, dented or just not in 100% working order. Our team of techy experts are a dab hand at fixing used devices; which means that we’re able to give you a decent price, safe in the knowledge that we’ll be able to get your device up and running and sold on to the next user. 

We’re dedicated to making the process as quick and simple as possible for our customers who can sell or part exchange devices in just three easy steps.  

Check it out today HERE and see just how affordable that new device is with our part exchange service.

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Clear Out The Clutter And Collect Cash

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